Wednesday, January 28, 2015

 So...about my jewelry. 
It's largely Southwestern in style, with probably a bit of influence from every place I've lived and traveled in the course of my life...a dash of central Mexico, a touch of Southern France, a taste of the Rocky Mountains, a hint of China, and certainly some of New York's style and unabashed panache. 
 I use semiprecious gems and raw minerals, fossils, antler,  sterling silver, Indian brass, recycled African glass, carved wood and bone. I like to mix rare, found and vintage things into each piece I make, so that each is entirely unique and can never be duplicated. 
Also, I am very fortunate in that my mother has passed on to me her collection of rare and vintage gems, minerals, crystals, fetishes, findings and artifacts that she has saved since her days of casting jewelry in Woodstock and Taos. I use them sparingly, as obviously they will not last forever, but at this point I mix a few pieces from her collection into each of my creations. 
 Many of my pieces are strung on heavy-duty elastic cord so that they can be worn either as lariat-style necklaces or as wrap bracelets, making them exceptionally versatile accessories. 
Each of my pieces is 100% unique, and no two are ever the same. I scour the Southwest and beyond in my travels for unique materials, but each time I run through a collection of artifacts, that collection is retired and will never return. 
 I like rare artifacts, and I love healing stones. My listings will include the healing properties in many of the minerals and stones I use in building my pieces.
Many of the pieces shown here have already sold out, but I will continue to make and post new pieces and collections, so watch the blog for what's coming up next. 
Warmest wishes from FEATHER + STONE!

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